Quality & Testing

We are constantly seeking quality in everything we do. Our R&D department is committed to creating new models and studying the finest details using the most advanced design technology. Well-known designers are commissioned to enhance our style and creativity.

If you wish to check the full set of tests performed on the chairs, please click here - photos of various tests.

We invite you to discover our products and to rely on our quality and value.

High Quality Materials

  • Aluminum Tube

    quality forma marine

    The frames used for our furniture are made of superior quality aluminum tubes.
    Depending  on the requirements of the product, a different alloy is used.
    On models that require extreme  resistance and weight capacity, we use alloys series 5000 with the addition of Manganese Chromium and Magnesium.
    The surface of the tubes has undergone a chemical procedure called 'anodization'.
    The result is the very efficient resistance of the tubes to the adverse climate conditions of the sea environment.

  • Polyfor Fabric

    quality forma marine

    We use Polyfor to dress our deck chairs.We invite you to click on the pdf in order to read the information and the specifications of this fabric.

  • Plastic parts

    quality forma marine

    On most plastic parts NYLON (Polyamid) of superior quality ‘AKULON’ is used. Special elements provide additional resistance properties to UV Radiation. For more relevant information, we invite you to click on AKULON’ Brochure.

  • Nautolex Vinyl fabric

    quality forma marine

    ’Nautilex’ is a vinyl coated fabric which contains a proven antimicrobial agent in sufficient amounts to provide years of mildew-free use. It is ideal for external use in sea environment. It is durable, UV resistant, permits you to enjoy your free time without having to worry about frequent use and spills.
    For more relevant information click on:

  • Textilene type fabric

    quality forma marine

    The textilene material is a PVC coated polyester non stretch yarn. The fabric is very strong, 580gr/m2 and can support up to 120 kg weight. The fabric is able to withstand compression efforts, atmospheric agents, rips and UV rays. The textilene fabrics allow water to drip through it so it is ideal for people sitting with wet suits. Furthermore it is easily cleaned and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Teak

    quality forma marine

    Teak is a hardwood harvested in Southeast Asia. It contains a natural oil which makes it stable and resistant to extreme climatic changes. Teak is the most popular wood used for ship building and for the manufacture of products to be used near the sea or on water.

  • Casted Aluminum Hinges

    quality forma marine

    Special aluminum alloys are used in the casting of aluminum hinges and parts. The selected alloy provides mechanical resistance, anodization possibility and an impressive shiny look.

  • Melamine Tops

    quality forma marine

    The melamine tops are manufactured with antihumid green chipboard. The surfaces above and below are covered with superior quality melamine. The edges are sealed with silicone and covered with protective anodized aluminum profile.

  • Stainless Steel Parts

    quality forma marine

    The 316 GRADE Stainless Steel is used for the harsh sea environment. The main advantage of stainless steel is the resistance to rust. It is ideal for marine use or in a coastal environment where oxidation is a main issue.

Photos of various tests